Blu Ladder Construction was formed by Patrick Daly, Jr. in 2019 to assist with hotel renovations in accordance with hotel brand standards and to venture into the multi-family market. In 2020, Blu Ladder started their first major project with demolishing a full-service hotel, and constructing a 339-unit apartment complex in Roanoke, VA. Since our inception, Blu Ladder Construction has been involved in hotel renovation and construction, multi-family development, and residential and townhome construction.



Blu Ladder Construction’s mission is to maximize financial return to investors through consistently delivering exceptional service and innovative projects while building strong relationships within the communities we serve.



  • Integrity
    Integrity is the foundation of our success. Integrity builds honesty, and honesty builds success.
  • Excellence
    Our excellence is achieved through vigilance, innovation, and adaptation, and we will always strive towards continued improvement.
  • Accountability
    We do things with intention and purpose, and we take responsibility for our words, our actions, and our performance.
  • Safety
    The well-being of our employees and associates is paramount, and safety is prioritized above all other considerations.
  • Community
    We are committed to compiling our knowledge, resources, and skills that allow us to work toward shared goals.



A safe work environment is Blu Ladder Construction’s commitment to all employees and the general public.

It is our policy to provide an environment that is safe and healthy for our employees and associates. Establishing and maintaining a safe environment is the shared responsibility of the employer and employees at all levels of the organization. We take pride in the safety programs we have in place and work tirelessly to ensure all Federal, State, and Local regulations are followed. 



Patrick Daly, Jr.

Jay Gaffney
Director of Construction

Brandon Noel Harris
Chief Financial Officer

Aimee Roke
Project Administrator