Patrick Daly, Jr

Patrick Daly, Jr. is an ambitious businessman who has a great passion and understanding of opportunities and risks associated with business deals. His family has been in the hotel industry for more than 50 years, with his grandfather building his first hotel in 1971. Over the last 50 years, the family business, Daly Seven has prospered in good times and in bad, building and operating over 60 hotels, with 40 hotels currently under operation.

As a third generation hotelier, Patrick acquired a vast knowledge of the hospitality industry from his family, and in 2011, he started acquiring hotels, separate from the family’s business. Since 2011, he has acquired more than $150M in hotels and has overseen more than $145M in new construction projects including multi-family, hotels, and hotel renovations. Also during this time, Patrick has raised over $50M in capital from friends, family, and high net-worth investors to provide capital to fund these projects.

Patrick’s entrepreneurship began in 2004 with PDJ Enterprises, Inc. Since 2004, PDJ Enterprises, Inc. has purchased, built, and sold over 14 tanning salons, with business deals totaling over $10M.

During Patrick’s professional career, he has held several Board of Director positions from businesses to charitable organizations, including Daly Seven Inc.’s Real Estate Advisory Committee, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and the YMCA. Under Patrick’s direct leadership, his businesses have won several prestigious awards, most recently receiving Marriott International’s Horizon Award, an award given to those who partner with Marriott International, celebrating those who have demonstrated excellence in their portfolio operations with reliable development of new properties.

Patrick graduated from Ferrum College in 1999, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During his time in college, he competed on Ferrum’s baseball team, winning various statistical titles and awards, including being selected as First-Team All-American. Patrick then went on to play professional baseball in the Frontier League.  Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as sports and coaching.